Street Art Videos



Os Gemeos in Vancouver, Canada


Street Art by Os Gemeos in Vancouver, Canada. Os Gemeos took the saying, “Go Big or Go Home” literally when Vancouver Biennale chose this project. Imagine a 360-degree, 70ft (21m) tall outdoor mural that’s over 23,500 sq ft (7,162 sq m) in size. And it’s not just any mural. This one is designed and created […]


iNO in Athens, Greece


Street Art by iNO in Athens, Greece. Onassis Cultural Centre invited Greek artist iNO to decorate the exterior wall of their building, in the occasion of “No Respect” exhibition, focused on public contemporary forms of art in Athens curated by Marilena V. Karra.














Street Art by Vhils in Berlin


Street Artist Vhils created 10-metre-high pieces of art on walls in Berlin with drill and explosives. His probably best known project in Berlin is the portrait of Angela Merkel. Many asked for it, why it is just the chancellor. Artworks of the Portuguese can be found everywhere in the city. Often in areas they seem […]