Street Art by Vhils in Berlin

Street Artist Vhils created 10-metre-high pieces of art on walls in Berlin with drill and explosives. His probably best known project in Berlin is the portrait of Angela Merkel. Many asked for it, why it is just the chancellor. Artworks of the Portuguese can be found everywhere in the city. Often in areas they seem desolate in which chaos rules.

For the brand Levis he has provided with the motto “Go Forth” portraits in the German capital. He sprinkled for example the photographer and Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt and Joe Hatchiban, founder of Bearpit karaoke in the wall. By this action he would like to show that inhabitants influence the city and the city their inhabitants.

At the example of Vhils you see that Street Art always develops. On the question in which direction Street Art will develop the artist has no idea. But Vhils knows one certainly: He would also like to develop in future, new ideas and try out, new tools and material use. Arbitrarily the artist would never carry out changes on house walls. Mostly he is invited to it or he finds desolate houses in which he can work on the walls.

Vhils-Streetart-Berlin-3 Vhils-Streetart-Berlin-2 Vhils-Streetart-Berlin-1



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