Street Art in Germany



Street Art by MTO in Berlin

The Street artiste MTO is called in real life Mateo and comes from France. Nevertheless, for some years he lives in Berlin. Actually, MTO never wanted to spray graffiti. But when he came in 2008 to Barcelona, he sprayed several times and was totally inspired. Finally, thus he came to Berlin. The artist does not […]



Street Art by C215 in Berlin

The street artist C215, called Christian Guémy is one of the best stencils artists of our time. Coming from Paris the artist is described as an french answer to Banksy.You can find his art everywhere in Europe. You will find his stencils mainly in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Oslo, London and of course here in Berlin. […]








Street Art by Vhils in Berlin


Street Artist Vhils created 10-metre-high pieces of art on walls in Berlin with drill and explosives. His probably best known project in Berlin is the portrait of Angela Merkel. Many asked for it, why it is just the chancellor. Artworks of the Portuguese can be found everywhere in the city. Often in areas they seem […]